My sons, Kasyfi Al-Quddus, Mohammad Nawi and my husband, Sam, are the three people in my life that keep me amused all day long....without them I really can't imagine what on earth I'd be up to at this moment...!

'Make-up' is truly my 'THING'. It has taken me a while to figure out what I was good at because I did my Degree in B.Sc. Urban Estate Management which, eventhough I graduated from this course, I never really felt much passion for it.

So while I was doing my Degree in London I would be cutting hair and doing make-up for my friends in Brunei Hall. It was tough at that time because I hadn't done any formal training in hair & makeup yet and so one haircut would usually take me five hours to complete!!! hehehhe :p

Once I returned to Brunei (2000), while I was still unemployed, I did informal training at Zaza Salon and everyone there gave me tips along the way. I just brought models into the salon and worked on them while the hairdressers at Zaza gave their comments and feedback. Here I learnt to basically cut hair, use the set rollers, iron hair, apply treatment cream etc, shampoo & condition hair and blow dry. Amazing fun for me because it was what I always wanted to get into.

Then in 2001, I got appointed for my first job....yaaye...coz now I was earning but 'boo' because I had to teach Estate Management, something I found do-able but so taxing on my thinking...uuurrgghh...getting a 2:1 was not easy thing to my second year uni I looked awfully stressed...(never again!!!)

Then somewhere in 2003, I think, I got more interested in make-up. I enrolled in a makeup course which was selling 'Forever Living Aloe Vera Products'. Here I learnt Personal Make-up and Facial. This is when I met Aunty Helen from Monique Salon. She introduced me to my first proper make-up teachers. My instructors were from Malaysia.They also had a branch in Singapore where I went for my Advanced course i think somewhere in 2005. I learnt more on bridal make-up and hair updo. This was so exciting, by this time I actually felt like I was heading in the direction I wanted to be in.

I then opened my salon around 2004 and called it "Lemonadenan Hair & Beauty". Loved that place, but in the end, it felt like running the 'businss', dealing with staff issues, immigration stuff, work permits and keeping up with covering the costs etc became the main thing, so time consuming (on top of teaching Estate Management which was already making me put my own hair out!) and the creative side of me was being put on the back seat, it slowly began to be 'no fun' anymore. I found it less stressful and far more enjoyable by doing freelance work and so I sold it. Phew...! Stress jua ber-bisnis ani..!! hahaha.....

Then after my wedding and one kid later I signed up for another Bridal make-up course by Fatimah Mohsin. Fatimah Mohsin is a famous Singaporean make-up artist who came down to Brunei for a few days and I immediatly took the opportunity to have a one-on-one class with her. I was pregnant with my second boy at this time! That must have been in early 2009.

November 2009, I had Moore and Andre teach me more tips on hair and make-up. This time my make-up was leaning more towards the Indonesian style which is becoming quite popular. Moore encouraged me to expand my knowledge in hair and makeup, always believing in me....oh and it was his idea to make me re-do my blog, give it a more impactful look...hehhehe. Now that this new blog is up I couldn't agree with him more.!

April 2010, I suddenly got interested in Creative/ Fashion make-up and decided to take a course on this. With much luck I found Reyn of Reyn Touch to teach me. This opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that make-up can do!

Then in May 2010, Reyn encouraged me to do the Professional / Bridal Course which I ended up loving so much. Indonesian style make-up was also the focus here. I also learnt a bit more on hair do for weddings. This is what I am currently practising over and over.

It's the first time writing out my all my experience in Hair and Make-up and I feel extremely proud of all I've achieved. Everything that I have done for this has all been my sole effort because this sort of 'thing' was completely not supported by my parents. They did not see the point of all this, especially when my degree was boring old Estate Management, and in the end I thought, 'fine, whatever....I'm going to do it all myself, save money, take out loans, whatever I need to do, I'm going to do it..". This actually taught me that if you really want something you've got to get up and do it yourself. Do all it takes and invest in yourself, invest in your passion as much as you can because it makes you happy...simple as that.

No matter what anybody says, no matter if they say that you're wasting your time, if you feel and believe you have what it takes you must, must, must absolutely must, above all, 'Follow your dreams.'