Wednesday, 29 December 2010

All Day Make-Up from Morning to Night

This is the before shot...

and then........."taaadaaaaa..."

I like these colours a lot coz in the day time it's wearable, and at night it's alright too....

This makeover was a birthday present from me to her... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!!"

Monday, 20 December 2010

Dinner Function with the Office

The before shot....

And the dinner look.... love that colour.....!!

My Second 'Dance' Client...!!

The before shot...

Dunno why I get so excited doing makeup for dance performances now...i guess coz it's a new thing for me and I love the idea of the face that I've made-up floating across a dance floor with everyone watching...woohoooo...
Love this face...

This time the dancer is doing the 'Waltz' so no outrageous colours for her....just kept it simple and elegant

My First Dance Competition Make-Up Client!!

Here's the before shot...

Okay okay...I can explain this shot... by the time I was finished it was already dark and the lights at my place are all yellow so y'cant really see the actual colours....and we were, by this time, all in a frantic rush so I just couldn't take a decent picture. BUT she looked fabulous!!! She's only a beginner and won 3rd place in the competition....SO GOOD...!! It's the makeup too y'knw...hahahha :)
Me in action...!!
Since her performance was a latin dance we decided to have her body all bronzed up to play the part. see the difference!!

Look at that arm compared to her tummy!!! WOW!!! hehehehhe

Friday, 3 December 2010

The Unplanned Make-Over

Here's a friend of mine from Hong Kong...hehhehe...yea no..just kidding... She came over yesterday to drop some stuff at my place and on the spot decided to get make-up done for her function that night.... was quite fun all because before this I had never seen her without makeup on...LOL...she's kinda like me , makeup face on 24/7....hehehe