Monday, 16 August 2010


Photo by Lee Abrio. It's beautiful. ThanX!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Premium Wedding Photographers

This is an engagement event that I did....her pictures are already up in my earlier post but those were taken using my iPhone. These pictures are from her official photographer...big difference! hehehe

Friday, 13 August 2010

Wedding Planner

I've been thinking and thinking...I'm just tired of thinking ..... I should just go ahead and do it...

I've heard several of my friends say they want to get into the whole Wedding Planner thing and the first thing that came to my mind was, y'all are crazy...!! It's just crazy to me coz I'm a bridal make-up artist and even that can drive me nuts when things don't go right..! I couldn't imagine what it would be like to handle all the other stuff....

But y'knw...there's actually really nothing to fear but fear itself. See how things go....
I believe I could pull together the most romantic and 'personal touched' wedding for each and every bride. The only thing the bride will have to worry about is making sure she gets some sleep. Wouldn't that be a dream??

hhmmm..let's see, I know every step of the wedding rituals over here...I'm open enough for modern changes and I'm pretty sure I have an eye for 'bridal' looking things... I am particular with bridal designers and other make-up artists ( i like who i like, basically) I'm sure my suggestions will be 'favourable' ... other aspects of the wedding...think I can co-ordinate that, been doing it for the last few years of my life already anyway!

The only thing... can familly members accept a 'wedding planner' confirming the details.... hhmmm...??? People can get so 'iffy' about these things....

So I guess there's only one solution. I HAVE TO BE PERFECTLY PROFESSIONAL in every way. Man how do I do that...?!?! hahhahaha

So, here's my offer. any bride out there who is clueless and can't think anymore, and even who's parents are not so confident on how things are to be arranged (maybe it's the first wedding), I offer my services to you not as Make-Up Artist, but Wedding Planner. :)

Something About Mary

Sometimes I just can't stop admiring my own work....hehehe :p
The photography is really impressive Sham..thanx! ;)

More Red Lipstick

Another perfect shot by it..!

Purple Feathers

This is a mother of two gorgeous teenage kids...she married young, had kids young, etc etc which when I think of it, it's kind of cool in a way coz she's still in her 30s and her kids are big...oh so cool...i'll be 50 when my kids turn 21...aarrgghh...

Did the natural look on the purple feathers....

Play Time

This is one of my nieces...called her over coz I needed to 'practice' and I was super bored that day. This is her 'before' shot.

This is the nude look...everyone loves a natural face....

And this....I like a lot.... red lipstick..You can go so very wrong with red lipstick if u dont wear it just be careful!!

My attempt at making her into a 'real' model....hehhehe...

Makeup for a Birthday Dinner

This is my friend who I buy all my crystals from...hehhe. I never knew this about her, but she is sooo make-up phobic! All throughout the makeup process she was worried she'd end up looking like a clown! (obviously unaware of who she's dealing with :P ) So above is the 'before' shot.

Anyway, I promised her she wouldn't end up looking like a clown!
This was the best I could do with the extremely limited time she gave me!! And I think it's the best I could do without freaking her out. Notice that she wouldn't even let me put false lashes on her which really looked awsome on her...but boring ..she asked to have them removed! uurrrghh ..why do I even bother!
So what I basically did for her was even out her skin tone, kept everything natural and just slightly gave more definition to the eyes.
She was happy with the result...yaaayee...! That's all that matters at the end of the day I guess...although I would have liked to put the lashes on and do more with the blush maybe and eyes and lips..the whole thing..more more more...hehhehe...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My 2nd Photoshoot

Dontchya just love this red lipstick!!??!! Russian Red by MAC