Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Own Make-up

Why is this post titled 'Own Make-up'..?? It's because this time the model/bride-to-be insisted on using all of her own make-up. Couldn't even use my brushes!!! OMG!! SOooo not easy!! This is the first for me...I've never had to NOT use my own make-up and I have to say it really is challenging.

This was done using mineral make-up. The model only wanted light and natural make-up.

I did not use any liquid / stick foundation here...but I was surprised that the powder did cover up blemishes.
Eventhough it's not the make-up I normally use but I do still like the end result.... very youthful looking glow. Good enough for me!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot Mama Makeover

She has two daughters and works fairly long hours...so today was just a day to get pampered with makeup by me! hehehe... This is the 'before' shot.

C'mon...tell me she looks sexy!! That's the eldest baby there....all manja..

Here I used Kryolan foundation..lighter shade. Looks quite natural..covered all her freckles!
Blusher by M.A.C. Love this shade of blusher.

False lashes make all the difference...love it. This can be a bridal look.

Closed eye shot...

I just couldn't stop snapping shots of her....lawa baaah...we joked that she looked like an SKII model...but she actually does, doesn't she??? hehehhehe

Wedding Guest

For this, I used GloMinerals foundation. I usually like to use GloMinerals for normal functions ie. not weddings, because I just feel it's not too overly thick and looks quite natural..although Reyn has advised me not to use GloMinerals anymore and stick to Kryolan.....but I just can't help it.. :p
Did a bit of highlighting and shading.

Ironed out her hair a bit. She normally wears her hair in curls but for this night I convinced her to iron in middle parting....just to see how she would look if she ever re-bonded her hair.

Closed eye shot. Gave her a purple kind of eyeshadow with a bit of smokey black.... I should make people guess her age as well....! :p

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Wedding Advice No.5

This one's especially for the 'Tutong' couples. When you decide to go with a specific tradition on your wedding day be sure to ‘Wear appropriate shoes’.

One example I’m referring to is the ‘Basuh Kaki’ tradition which is done by the people in Brunei’s Tutong District. Basically, through my understanding, it is the part where anyone attending (guests, friends, family..anyone at all) the wedding who wishes to give the newly weds gifts in forms of cash (most preferable! hehhe), gold, jewellery, keys to a brand new car, land title deeds (very extreme), can come up to the couple, pour a cup of water over their feet, wish them well (or even take the mickey out of them!) and then leave their ‘gift’ in a tray or whatever container they have ready….all in the contribution to wish the newly weds a great start to their new life together as husband and wife. Pretty COOL..!! hehhehe..then at the end after the last person has come forward, the grand total of cash and other items given is announced for everyone to hear. (don’t ask me why..it’s just tradition..???)

So..coming back to my point, if you know that you will have to remove your shoes and then put them back on again, to save time and to cut down any 'fuss' stress, I would suggest wearing shoes that you can easily slip on and off by yourself. Coz y'knw what will happen if you wear those tiny buckle on strappy heels, someone's going to have to get on their knees to unhook and fasten your your shoes for you ...making it look like you soooo didn't take things into consideration...well..that's what I would be thinking at least.. :p I guess I'm simply impatient with things that shouldn't normally take so damn long...hahaha

oh and also don't wear stockings...looks funny when wet, makes the pictures look like you're hiding some kind of foot flaw!..hehehe. A pedicure and a nice henna art on the feet would look more festive, in my opinion.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Lunchtime Makeover!

Lunchtime makeover....is literally a 'lunchtime' makeover. I really wanted to do this model's make-up and the only time she had was during her lunch break....fine with me! This is the 'before' shot.

Since it's World Cup fever and this model is aslo a huge fan, she kept telling me that she's not been getting enough sleep from watching all those matches. I, on the other hand, wouldn't know....I HATE football...well, actually...I HATE all sports...yup..ALL. :p Okay..back to the make-up...yup ..here I'm using Kryolan foundation. Covered flaws quite well.

This makeup has more emphasis on the eyes....which the model liked..

Can I be evil and let the viewers guess my model's age..??? hehhehe.... This would really prove how wonderful make-up is...!! :p

Lightened her eyebrows with a little light brown gel to give her a softer face.
Closed eye shot....didn't use fake lashes this time ... but her eye lashes are quite good :)

And here are my 'natural sunlight' shots....

She looks great!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Berambil-Ambilan ....and that's a wrap!

Again...the 'before' shot....

Purple seems to be her most fav colour....walls purple, her combs and brushes and hairdryer...all purple!!!
Oh and this is my huge attempt at doing hair for a wedding....was pretty nervous but most people did like it....so *phew*.... ada jua berusul! hehehhe

This is the bride with her cousin, she's going to be my makeover victim in the near future... muahahhahahaha!!


The before shot.........

Again, sorry for the really awful shot. The lighting in her room was white light...I just didn't know how to get a better shot of her. I actually also did her 'berbedak' makeup but didn't have time to get ashot of her. I am just hoping that her cameraman can get his photos on his blog soon.

Bride's colours are maroon and gold. Eyeshadow is gold but in the shots that I took it doesn't show that clearly.

Up on the pelamin....picture stolen from facebook.....hehhe

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wedding Advice No.4

Here we are again....! My next piece of advice would have to be this.
During the 'Berbedak' ceremony, if the groom side comes over to the bride's house (or vice versa) it can be a very, very long event. Why? Because if not properly organised, you waste time thinking and searching 'Who's next going to do the bedak now? Siapa lagi kan membedaki? bla bla..' You may get some people who just move too slow, or may need lots of coaxing till they actually get up and come forward to do the whole 'berbedak' thing. Yeah..this can actually really take up so much time that before you know it it's 10pm and only half way through!! NO .. Nooooo...you do not want this....! Why? Because your guests will get all restless and hungry and sleepy...and then they will start wishing it was over so they could all just GO HOME!! hehehe... (sounds awful..! Is awful... hehehe)

So to avoid all this, "Prepare a name list of those who will be coming up to do the berbedak". (I'm soo big on 'lists' for this sort of thing, it's just such a logical way of doing things *sigh*)

Right, so what you need to do is have a name list from the groom's side of who is going to be 'berbedak-ing' and then on your side also have a name list. So when it's time to do the berbedak someone can get them ready.

And then on the actual night of the event, I would suggest have several chairs lined up in a row somewhere near the pelamin so that everyone especially elder folks can take a seat while queueing.
Then what you may want to have is an announcer with a microphone and loud speaker to litterally call their names out to invite them up to berbedak. - Almost like making it official saying 'YOU...YES YOU...Please come up...YES YOU.." I've noticed that this actually makes things move along slightly faster somehow.

And of course, let the groom's side go first and then your family members! Y'know how sensitive everyone can get :p

Friday, 18 June 2010

Nikah Ceremony

OMG! I just got back from what I feel was one of the loongest Nikah's I ever attended. And I thought I wasn't going to have enough time..yea rite! ok back to the makeup.....Ahaaa ahaaa...this is the ' before' shot......

TaaaaDaaaaa..... natural look just for nikah. Did the brows too....*phew*

She was happy with the end result, I hope... :p During the whole ceremony she just looked radiant...amazing what makeup can do!! I just can't get over it....hehehe

Saturday, 12 June 2010

HSBC Event

And she's back again for another makeover..yaaaye...! This is proof that it's soo fun to get all dolled up...

The 'before' shot.........

All ready for an evening out.........wow..that is a big change actually..

Closed eye shot.........

Can y'tell she's lovin' her makeup.....?? hehhehe

yup yup..i can see that she is totally lovin' the new look......

A nice smile always brightens up the face....hear that...! Girls that don't smile even if their lives depended on it.... puts me sooo 'off' when people are just 'low + negative energy level-ed' :p So happy when my models can give a great smile like this...!

Saturday Makeover

More makeovers..!!! yaaaayeee!! i could sooo do this every day....

This is my next model...again, doesn't always wear heavy make-up daily which I'm getting quite used to hearing these days.

This is the 'before' shot...

The 'outdoors' shot.....

closed eye shot....

All made-up now.....I'm lovin this look.....

Higher cheekbones with just a bit of blusher...

Is it just me...or is this model also becoming 'increasingly vain' ...hahhahahha... love it a lot....! ;)