Sunday, 27 February 2011

Night Time Ambil-Ambilan Function

The before shot...

The Wedding look...

Waiting for the groom

Friday, 4 February 2011

Choosing the right make-up artist for you

Can't remember if I blogged about this one before...I've just been reading a few sites that talk about this issue in much detail. I do agree with most of what they are saying, actually agree with everything.

So anyway, I had this client come in to do Trial makeup (won't specify who so stop wondering)... she says she has no idea about makeup (as do so many brides out there)... and she said she's come in for trial so that I, me, the make-up artist can get to know her, her face and see if it's going to be ok. (?) right right right.... few things I had to point out to this dreamy bride... :P

First of all, I think trial bridal make-up is for YOU, the bride, to see if you like the make-up. Simple as that. Also to see if the Bride literally likes the Make-up artist or not, personality, energy wise etc. Had to re-direct dear bride and say, you are the important person on your wedding day, you have to be the happy one. And just as I expected, she was kind of blur about what she wanted... which was all more the reason to come in for trial make-up.

Secondly, she asked how long it would take. For me, I like to take the most minimum..1 hour, but best 1.5 hours, for me. Hate to rush..ok :P Since it's bridal make-up trial I would be doing what I do for an actual wedding scenario...right??!?!? This dear innocent bride thought that the trial wud take a snap of a finger to do.. aha..yeap. I say time and time again... "You can't rush art..!". So had to explain some more...trial if you jus want to see the make-up artist's ability, yea you can just ask for quick makeup job...watever right. But if you would like to see your potential wedding look and all.... should ask for the wedding look, and that could take slightly bit more time.

Moving on along, explained to her further the real point of a trial make-up session...It's just so important to be clear. Okay you don't wear make-up, no idea about it, SOOO today, trial day, this is the time you can have the chance to see how you might look on the actual day. This is the only time you can judge the make-up work and be critical because on the big day, there's just no turning back.

Hate to sound all dramatic about it but it realy is true. There are just so many horror stories about make-up artists out there and so trial make-up sessions are kind of like the full proof plan of minimising dissappointment.

So aside from seeing if the make-up looks good on you, it also really gives you a chance to bond a little bit with the make-up genius...hehhe. I have generally enjoyed the company of all my brides, they have all been great...even the bridezilla ones weren't too bad when I think about it now..hahhaha

So my tips for finding the best make-up artist for you:

1) Do a trial make-up session

2) View previous work of the makeup artist.

3) Be yourself so that the make-up artist can communicate better with you, ie: its your wedding day so enjoy the experience.

4) In the trial session, this is the best time where you can express your expectations , say how you would preferably want to look like...etc etc..NOT on the wedding day...stress saja inda pedah. Wedding day the bride should just literally go on 'sleep' mode while everything is moving around them..relaaaax sajaaaa....

5) See how you feel around the make-up artist. If she/he is always in a rush or makes you feel uneasy then probably not the right energy you would want on your wedding day.

6) If you don't like what you see in the trial session...simply do not book the make-up artist.

7) If you like what you see, but don't like the make-up artist, keep searching but keep the current one on hold just incase you have no other choice. Coz HAVE TO LOOK PERFECT!!!

The Bride is really the main person people with an opinion look forward to seeing. No pressure..... lol :)


Okay..about the brows....just used brow gel and lightened them for now but on the real actual day I am sooo gona get them into shape....No ifs, buts or maybe!!!

Yes..she's now ready for the wedding day....woohooooo.....!! :)

Trial Nikah :)