Friday, 30 July 2010

During the Nikah

Thank goodness using her make-up worked out in the end..but I really would have loved to use my stuff on her....well I guess that's what you get when u have a 'green environmentalist conscious ' type of customer.... :P

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Gym's Fun Photoshoot

This is the 'before' shot....

Amazing what a good camera can do...! I gotta get a proper camera..seriously!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wedding Advice No.9

Please make sure you have enough, or extra, seats for your guests. Also make sure there is enough food for your guests. Seriously... do not under estimate these two things. If anything, just make allowances for more people because you just may never know.

I wish we could get into this RSVP kind of thing it would really help with the estimating of food and seating....but us Bruneians simple don't do that sort of thing...but in my opinion we actually should..!

My advice on how to estimate this sort of thing would be to count the number of invitations you give out, say 500, then multiply that by 2. Then minus 15%, then add the number of how many familly members are actively halping you out for the actual wedding itself (plus the number of their children) ie. running around your house and at the wedding hall like mad preparing stuff for you.
And then depending on your budget, from there you can add on what you can afford...probably throw in one extra kem, just in case!

Multiply by 2 coz usually one invitation is for 2 people. OK
Minus 15% coz chances are this 15% may not attend coz of other invitations, they are out the country etc etc etc....
Then adding your family members in. This one is possible to count and make a close estimation.

HHhhhmmm....Does this work...hhmmmm? sounds about right......

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Vote for ME!!

Few days ago I entered a competition on facebook which, initially, I did for fun but somehow now it's just gotten waaaaay out of hand!

Why I know I'm loosing it, is coz of the following reasons:

1) I sleep late and wake up reeeeaaally early just to monitor how many votes I'm getting and to keep an eye on my competitors votes psycho is that! hahaha

2) I've used my 'teachers' position to threaten my ex-students future....hehehhe... as a joke but seriously here we believe whatever the teacher wishes upon their students it will come true!! Power is wonderful isn't it... :P

3) I'm begining to bug and force my friends n family to vote for me which is becoming really so annoying even for me! hahaha...Coz i'm quite used to saying.."you dont want to?..fine ..forget it..i dont care.." but this time its... "C'mon jus do it for ****sake!" hahaha..

4) I missed my Wednesday TV night where I get the TV for the entire night without distractions coz I was just on-line on the computer. That never happens..!!! NEVERRR!!

5) This issue has made it's way up to my make-up blog...OMG..this must be pretty important for me to win this then!

SOOOOoooo..plz plz me, help me, help me...

This is the picture entry that I sent in:

Yea..i think it's cool! Fine it isn't much on the colourful vibrant side and, as usual, taken using my iPhone and a crappy lamp but I think I'm gona use this concept for an advert of mine one day. Very straight forward. I gave more thought about this yesterday and I now think I should have bought a cupcake , stuck a candle in it and just put it at the side over there too.... oh well...idea came late. next time... HERE'S HOW TO VOTE:

1) Click on the image above, or search on facebook for iMany Faces. It's their 1st year anniversary and so they're giving the winner cool stuf...oops I mean, they're giving this stuff to me coz I have the most votes...~~~ *think positive* OMG I'm goin mental.
2) "Add" iMany Faces
3) Go to my competition entry photo and 'LIKE' my picture.

Simple as pie!!

So my loyal, loyal readers...PLZZ!!! Vote now so I can get my hands on the prize that I really really really gotta just simply have...!! hehhehe

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

Here's my set-up for the wedding I did at Bridex Hall......amazing how useful bag hangers can be...hehehe. Oh and soooo love that pink make-up case..

Told yah this bag "WILL BE MINE..!!" ....aaaaahahahahhaha

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wedding Advice No.8

This one I especially need to be done right. That is...make sure your tudong, if you will be wearing one for nikah or whichever event, make sure it is properly ironed. PLEASE!! It really gets to me when the make-up is all done but the tudong is not wrinkle-free and symetrical. It just kills me!!

So brides, when choosing your tudong, test it out before you make your decision. Wear it together with whatever accessories you want to put on. Coz if it doesnt look right during the aint gonna look right on the actual real day. ok... We are going for perfection ...right?? right?? Right! ;)

Friday, 16 July 2010


Okay...let me tell you the story...

Yesterday I got a call from the owner of my former salon, Lemonadenan Hair & Beauty. They are opening a new shop at Regent Square, Kiulap and they need make-up artists.

From what I was informed, they are willing to hire beginner make-up artists also and will give them more Additionally, the make-up artist will be required to sell items...which is very fun coz if you love what you do, selling should be no problem.

Work is fulltime with probably 2 days off/week.

And lastly, their requirement is that the make-up artist have a clean, good looking appearance.... I personally wouldn't have it any other way myself.. ;)

Those interested in this position, and those interested about the "salary", hehehe...please give Ms. Irene a call... she is looking to hire a.s.a.p. latest by September 2010. Sounds like a great opportunity.... give it a shot.. All the Best!

Ms. irene : 8777 753

Engagement Make-up

Gosh! I forgot again to take a 'before' shot so this is the 'before' shot I took of her ages ago during her Trial make-up session....

This is the foundation stage done with a bit of highlighting and shading done already...

And the complete look .... Since it was only an engagement function I tried not to go all elaborate with the make-up... again, sorry, this is an iPhone shot.... I'll see if I can steal a nice photo from the photographers. ;)

Refresher Class with Reyn!!

This was all of us at Reyn's Make-up Refresher Course....learnt more of what was in style and what was OUT....very useful stuff. Apart from that it gave us an opportunity to get to know each other better.....also very useful, coz I usually see their blogs but I don't know them in person so it was nice to put a personality to the picture.... Can't wait for the next session... :D

My Model in Class

Here is the finishing shot which the fabulolus photographer took with his fabulous camera...hehehe.... very cool...thanx!

Refresher Make-up Course

This was model assigned to me for the day....She told me that my teacher, Reyn, kind of like 'found' her while she was shopping at The huh....

OMG..I absolutely love her face.....

I can see why he picked her.... she looks stunning all made up like this...

Eyeshadow shot...

For this look I was going for the 'more' natural look.... Yup....very happy with the make-up... ;)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wedding Advice No.7

Okay this advice I feel is like me being a traitor to my art...but it really does have to be said. Make sure you have an excellent photographer. MUST hire the best possible photographer you can find. Between a makeup-artist and photographer, I honestly feel the photographer needs to be way more skilled.

Not to say get the cheapest make-up artist and then hire the most expensive photographer (although that may be a way of affording the pricey photographer!). Of course you want your make-up to be gorgeous too.

But I've seen pictures from photographers who live, eat, drink and breath photography and pictures from photographers who just want to make cash and thats that. I can honestly say, I get more of a 'connection' with the genuinely talented photographers, the ones who have a unique flare to the whole photography thing.

They can turn the photos of each moment of your wedding into a sight to remember. *sigh* These pictures when viewed again even after 20 years you would fall in love with your husband all over again...wooohooo....atu yang kitani mau tuuuu!

So yea...I'd spend far more money on a kick-ass photographer than on any other aspect of the aesthetics of a wedding. Don't tell other make-up artists that I said this ;p They would soooo kill me...!! hahhahaha

Friday, 9 July 2010

Lovely Bride

Again! Forgot to take 'before' shot...half way through foundation then I rememberd! Oh well...

This wedding I felt particularly happy to be there coz this couple had been girlfriend and boyfriend since they were in Form 2...that's nearly 13 years together... It was really quite touching to see that finally after all those years they still are together.

This was her I went with natural .... but not boring..hehhe

closed eye shot...

Then on the same day, quick change after nikah and bersanding immediately after....

Yesss.. a professional shot of her Nikah... always looks nice with a professional camera/cameraman...hehhe :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Attending a Wedding

The 'before' shot...

I tried to keep it as natural as possible but i got carried away a bit with the eyes..hehehe

Last time I did make-up for this model I over shaded..but this time i only shaded the sides of her face...

Hair off to Moore's..... :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Wedding Advice No.6

Advice No.6 would have to be about making sure that the 'penyambut tetamu' or ushers at the front gate have a nice shade to stand under if it gets too sunny.

Why do I say this?? Because weddings are a time when family members come together to help out with your big day. So since they are helping you out I feel it's best to prepare a comfortable enough roof tent, with several chairs and preferably a fan, at the entrance of the gate for the 'ushers' to withstand being in the humid heat for a few hours - just for you. Seriously, they've gotta care a lot to actually stand in this heat for anyone!

Would even be great to have few umbrellas and a constant flow of ice cold drinks together with that shelter. By doing this your family members would probably feel more than willing to hang around outside coz you've taken into consideration the agonising heat they would have to endure. Tau tah orang Brunei ani....inda tahan panas, complain no.1! hehehehe