Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Organising Your Makeup

This would be so useful to have actually. It really looks very neat. i could have one for my personal makeup and on e for my clients makeup...! ~~dreaming on~~

For more makeup organising ideas see

Make-up for KIDS...!!!

I just ran across this website and my heart literally skipped a beat....I would have loved to own this when I was 3..! LOL

The only thing about this site is that they don't list out the ingredients contained in the makeup so I'm not too sure exactly how safe it is. But it is sooo adorable though... this is suitable for ages 3-9.... so if u have a 'vain' daughter of this age, you know what to get now.. LOL

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

2nd Makeup Session Birthday Voucher - DONE

The 'before' shot...

Red lipstick this time...

Elaine is loving the red lipstick.... wasn't too sure if she would let me give her red lipstick but she was fine with it :D

I think everyone should own a nice red lipstick, you'll never know when you'll need it!

*oh and btw, this time Elaine had me use her own foundation. It was a light coverage foundation from Laneige.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Daytime Berbedak Ceremony

The 'before' shot...

This is my first attept at fixing 'Pakaian Brunei' on with a tudong. I'm only used to working with hair when it comes to 'Pakaian Brunei' so for this session I was quite unsure of how the result would turn out.

Well, considering this was my first try at this tudong thing, and it was one of the most slippery tudongs to even use for this sort of thing, I'm quite pleased. I'm sure the next one that I do will only get better. :)

1st Makeup Session Birthday Voucher - DONE

The 'before' shot...

She came back after the party and gave me feedback.... everyone loved the makeup... :D

Probably easy to notice since she never really wears much makeup anyway...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Make-Up Class Feedback

What our participants say :

Asmah Husaini

1) What is your occupation?


2) What attracted you to join this class?

correct technique of applying makeup..and of course JLO hot look....(mua nda macam JLO pun menjadi..heheh)

3) Overall, how well did you feel the class went?

It went very well..enjoyed the hands on and one to one sessions.

4) What was the best part of the class?

The one to one session. Because there were only two of us, instructer had more time to explain on the technical parts of applying make more time lahh

5) Did you learn new and valuable techniques?


6) Do you feel you could recreate this look at home?

Tried it..but now I ve forgotten half of tips the eye make up area....and maybe confidence with applying the shadowing thing.

7) How did you feel after the class finished?

I feel fantastic...and at home its like coming back from the'd brush your teeth extra I applied my make up pun extra careful and really took my time...

8) Would you join other make-up classes conducted by Heidi's Make-Up Magic again in future?

definitely....especially if it falls on Fridays

9) Any suggestions to improve the class?

Encourage participant to take notes on area that you really think is important, especially to those yang you know don't really wear make can judge by the stuff that they brought along hehehe....

10) Any further comments?

I really like the part on sharing tips on products that really work...between participant and participant,and most definately with instructer...

Lena Saji

1) What is your occupation?


2) What attracted you to join this class?

I wanted to learn the JLo look & to polish up my smokey eye technique. I have 2 smokey eye kits which I don't use properly ;p

3) Overall how do you feel the class went?

Was great!

4) What's the best part of the class?

Learning how to blend eyeshadow correctly & the one to one session.

5) Did you learn new and valuable techniques?


6) Do you feel you could recreate this look at home?

Yes after lot & lots of practice.

7) How did you feel after the class finished?


8) Would you join other make-up classes conducted by Heidi's Makeup Magic again in future?

Yes InshaAlllah :D

9) Any suggestions to improve the class?

Keep the class number small.

10) Any further comments?

-My colleague saw my pics with the makeup from our session & she really loved the cheeks! I must buy that shading compact! ;p

-Thanks for the refreshments & finger food.

-Any suggestions on which brand of brushes to buy? I tried to recreate the look yesterday & struggled a bit with the brushes that I do have.

-I love the lady Gaga kit! Thanks for introducing it.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fun Shots from my iPhone..PLUS the Before and After

JLo...Our Inspiration.......

Sorry guys, but you know the drill... Before shots must be shown as much as possible so that my readers can really see the difference...okaaaaaayy.... So here's the before shot.

The smoother and bronzed.

Another Before Shot. Again, pls don't kill me... I absolutely 'need' to show this... hehehe

yessss.... i like it ;)

y'can tell we had fun.....can't chyah?!?! ;)

Finished Result and Certificate Presentation Ceremony!

One thing I can clearly see when we were getting these shots taken.... confidence of these two were sky rocket... seriously....and the energy was radiating positivity! I even said to them, "Oh no! You guys look better than me now!!" (which is, in my way, a huge compliment...LOL)

Ran in for a few shots and only after did I realise I had only done up one side of my face during the demo! Note to self.... complete both sides of my face..! hehe.. :P

I love this shot of us...

What a fantastic session!

Asmah Husaini and Lena Saji with their certificates. OH! And this is a first also, first time giving out certificates....I normally don't but this time, I just HAD too, Asmah sms'd me the night before and requested for a PINK certificate. And then I thought about it and decided, it just wouldn't be complete without it!

There I am presenting the certificate to Asmah Husaini. Wow I just love this sort of really does give the lesson a seal of approval kinda thing.... :D

Yaayee...! You are now equipped with knowledge that will take your look further than you've ever expected.... hehhehe.. ;)

*sigh* I am proud... hehhe.. Y'knw even though our session was about 2-3 hours, I actually feel like it was a full 2-3 years course a diploma course or something! haha.. and now after all those years we've pulled through and made rewarding! hehhe (great imagination huh?!)

All smiles after the class.....just the way we like it ;)

I think I'm going to be handing out these certificates from now on. It just makes perfect sense to have a nice certificate in the end....even if it is just for a little fun ! :)

Scenes From Our 'Pink Room' JLo Makeup Class

*sigh* I am still on a slight high from my last makeup class. It was amazingly fun, especially for me because this time I had two students, normally I just have the one....then we end up gossiping about stupid things...!! LOL :P

The other fabulous difference with this class is that I had a lovely volunteer cameraman who willingly offered to stick around for the duration of this girlie session to take pictures of us! Apart from the occasional snickering from him when we talk about hiding flaws, he was excellent...hahaha.

So this is my baby, My Pink Room. I love, love, love this room so so so so much. I never let anyone in here unless they're going to appreciate the pinkness of it all...!! This actually is the first class I've held in this room. Normally I'd be having the lessons in my dining room or just outside this room on my upstairs floor of the house. So yea... very special preparation this time round!

Here we are applying eyeshadow....

Now your turn...

Students listening attentively....

Gotta get the eyeshadow on just right...

Here I am introducing the class to a 'smokey eye' kit. Easiest way to get the colours for a smokey eye.

I hope you two keep on practicing this look. Doesn't matter if you're just going to my opinion, that's the best time to wear all your make-up... and practice really does make perfect!