Friday, 20 May 2011

OOoooohh... So That's How It Feels Like...!

Today I woke up and I thought, I just gotta blog about this one dream I had last night!! OMG!! I don't normally bother to blog about my silly dreams, and yes I have many, many weird dreams when I'm asleep! But this one really made me feel so 'lost'..! lol

Okay, it starts off with me getting married... but I don't know, I may have been re-marrying (nauzubillah) coz my sons were in the dream too.. oh well.. wateverrrrr... weirrrd to start with already. Anyway, I had on my wedding dress which I wore for my actualy wedding... Gold songket. Everything was almost the same set up as my wedding day back in 2006. But the only one difference was that I had not booked a makeup artist!!

WTF..!! Not booked a makeup artist...!!!??!! That is soo unlike me!! That would have been the first thing on my list.! Anyway... story goes... I'm all dressed up and in my wedding dress i'm thinking 'who should I call, which makeup-artist...??' I wanted to call my makeup artist I had used for my actual wedding but in my dream I did NOT have her contact number!

My mind went through a whole list of makeup people that I know. Mostly guys which at the time I was thinking ..Ive never had a male do my face before and I'm not about to experiment on my wedding day! Arrrghh!! Another list of makeup artists went through my mind and I was thinking, no no no.. If I had time for a trial then probably yes.. lots of things running through my mind. Luckily I wasn't all in a panic coz I told myself... if I can't think of anyone I'll just do my own makeup.

I found it hard to choose a makeup artist all because I didn't want to look OVERLY done up, y'knw, I didn't want to look like a stage performer. I wanted to look flawless and at the same time beautifully and naturally enhanced. I wanted to still look like me but just with a bit more 'twinkle in my eye' special. *sigh* I found myself saying, if i could only hire myself ..hahha.. coz I didn't want to think about makeup on the actual day, coz I believe a bride should just be completely relaxed.... zero worries.

So in that dream, yea I couldn't find a last minute makeup artist.... and yes that happens in real life too! Miraculously, in my dreams, my makeup bag turns up and I find myself applying makeup for my own wedding.

Then the most bizzare thought entered my mind while I was doing my face, 'This is probably how Kate Middleton felt when she did her own makeup for her Royal Wedding'... seriously, unbelieveable!

So when I woke up from this dream this morning I felt kind of lucky that I knew a thing or two about makeup. If I didn't my 'wedding' day would have been 'MAKEUPLESS!!!" *GASP* And then I thought about the brides that I do makeup for... Yea, I get what look you're looking for your wedding day. You wana look like yourself but just slightly more elegant...right?? ;) hehehe..

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Want to learn the JLo look...???

This is the look that I will be teaching.

Why learn this look?

It gives an elegant and sophisticated feel to your appearance. And best of all it's wearable for most occassions.

Is it easy to learn?

Very easy!! I will guide you through every step and make it simple and easy to follow.

What's the class environment like?

Classes are conducted in my make-up section and the style of teaching is relaxed, informal and fun. You can ask questions about the make-up steps freely... I won't kill you if you make mistakes ...hahhaha :P

Any equipment to bring along to classes?

I always advise to bring ALL of your own makeup so that we can choose the colours you have already that can work and then you can practise at home too. But if the colours are not in your own makeup bag I do allow use of my makeup too, so don't worry if you have not got everything in your kit. And I do make suggestions to which makeup to buy. *Pls note:I do not sell makeup.


Choose either Friday 10th June 2011

or Saturday 11th June 2011

Time: 2.00-4.30pm

Venue: Tungku Link, Gadong

Maximum: 5 participants per class

Fee: $40

*Light refreshments included

Book your seats in advance. Call/sms me now ;) 8744472

You don't want to miss this. Everyone wants to pull this look off but somehow don't quite get it right. I'll show you how to make it work for you.

"If you're going to wear make up, wear it right."

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tango Dance Recital

The 'before' shot.

This is the second time I've done 'performance dance' makeup for her. I was actually quite excited to do this one for her because probably I wanted to see how she would look in a darker shade of lipstick. :D

I used a bit of glitter liner on the eyes to add a bit of sparkle.
MAKEUP STORE 's Glitter Liner is what I used here.

The lipstick colour I picked out was to match the big flower in her hair.

I also love the eyelashes used here... another reason why I was looking forward for this makeup session. It's a nice change from wedding makeup.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sultry Beauty

Shampoo Night!

Behind the scenes after a photoshoot.... my brush collection is GROWING!!! That Gucci bag used to be my handbag for work until I decided it would be more suitable being part of my makeup ensemble..... :)

Black Feathers

The 'before' shot...

I was so inspired by Will & Kate's Wedding guests all dressed up with their hats and fascinators I just had to put this on my model. LOVE IT!!