Thursday, 28 April 2011


To my dear clients,

I am going to, unfortunately, be unable to make any 'house calls' for the next couple of weeks. Any 'new' bookings will have to be turned down for now until further notice.

However, make-up service from my place is still okay. So please come over to see me if you need make-up. $50.

Thank you for your understanding ;)

White Bra

Yes.. 'White Bra' is the title of this post...Why?? Because it amazes me how quite a lot of brides out there do not realise that when you wear a white top you should NEVER wear a white bra. It will show very, very, very, very clearly...! You do NOT want that...especially on your nikah day.

I absolutely hate to use this picture as an example because I do LOVE Christina but seriously, who let her go out looking like this?!?! OMG! But this really does show what you will see if you have a white bra underneath a white top. DO NOT do this on your wedding day or any day for that matter! Just doesn't look right.

So instead, when you have a white dress to wear, have on a skin tone bra on. Anything light tan will do. And keep the pattern plain.... don't go all lacey and fancy, just a plain smooth skin coloured bra is the best type of bra to wear together with a white top.


This is what I'm talking about. wear something like this and your white dress will be the focus... hehehe...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My Hand In Action

Did I ever tell you that I've loved make-up since I was 6 years old.....????

Lipstick used here... The NEW Lady Gaga lipstick...and matching lip gloss. Not the pale pink one but the perfect beige shade... I've always wanted to get that 'jLo' nnude look. This is the one to buy!

Black Ribbon and Smokey Eyes

This is the 'before shot'....


This is also a mother of two, little boy and little girl. Can you believe she just had her latest baby 5 months ago!! So yes... she deserves a great makeover too... ;)

Photographer for the day was Ak. Amir Reza. View some of his work at

All shots were not heavily editted. Only very minimal touches.

Oh and yes.. the hair.. again.. used my bestfriend.. The Bumpit!!! So damn easy to use... I can't get over it!!!

The Girl Grew Up

This was a fun photoshoot session... simple and straight forward.. Everyone was lovely to work with and the Photographer... wow.. quite talented... I like his style. He was very fast and extremely polite. He did not do a huge amount of editing... actually he only lightened and darkened the photos but NO major edit work goin' on here.. That should make it easier for my 'critics' to assess my work.. ;)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

'Bumpit' Hair

Seen these around...??? Bought a set while I was in Singapore and tested it out on my sister. I used the medium one on her.... still wanted to keep the natural look. Im not a HUGE expert on hair so I find using this 'Bumpit' very easy and hassle free...

"Je...after the party I want my 'Bumpit' back...!!!" :P

y'knw sometimes I think, couldn't they come up with a bettter name than 'Bumpit"...?!?!?! lol

Nikah Event

The before shot...

I kinda like the pink and blue beads.... looks playful...i like it.. :) hehhe...

Friday, 15 April 2011


Would be soo great if MAC actually but a baby in to model for their makeup... they can call it..."Start from young.." or something like that...hahhaha... I'm sure I must have played with makeup at that age too!!

Stay-At-Home-Mom and On-line Business Women

The before shot....
The Everyday Makeup look.... :)

This is a friend whom I met through buying all my 'Lily and George' knitted toys from. She's the one person i know who knows everything tehre is to know about baby stuff... It's soo cool.. Occassionally she would say something like.."have you heard of....(baby product)..??" and we'll be blank thinking...''s that??" hahahha...

Fun girl's lunch in yesterday.... I don't think she had any idea we were going to make her over... but we're glad she went along with the plan... she deserves it anyway!! ;D

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bersanding in Green

The final event for this bride, the Bersanding.....She's a teacher and all, ALL her students came up to greet her in the dressing room.. it was like a mini wedding party in there! Quite sweet how students can be huge cheerleaders for their teacher... it was great! :)

Blusher used was MAC the packaging!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Pink Everywhere....!!

The before shot.... This was for an engagement function ..... Night time function so the makeup was not too light..

Sunday, 3 April 2011

What A Difference An Eyelash Makes!!

Just think... one subtle difference and you can go from ordinary to outstanding.... arn't you glad you're a GIRL...!!

Nikah Unedited Shots

The before shot.

WOW!! I love it..! This I have to talk about... She had a pengangun who for some bazaaaarrr reason had to be on the phone while the bride was getting her make-up done. I don't know about other people but for me, I absolutely can not stand listening to long, loud LOUD, did I mention LAAOOUD and negetive phone converstions while I need to concentrate. was painful to listen to!!

BUT... I believe very much in the doa-doa and all the baca-bacaan the Penganguns do and so I'm happy at least I feel she did her part to give the bride 'seri'... coz the way i was doing her make-up...heck I don't even remember what I did....!! Kacau otak ku time atu.

I'll wait for the official photographers to get their shots done.... I can't get over how transformed she looks... hehhehe