Monday, 4 June 2012

Office Dinner Makeup

Make-up, such a wonderful thing...... *sigh*

Beginners Make-up Class

 This is the 'before' shot...

This is the final make-up look suitable for work ;)

As usual, my make-up class uses mainly makeup from what students bring. This us so that they will be able to practice at home and reproduce the same look again.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Three Sisters

This makeup was for their family portrait ..... again, I do prefer the natural look for things like this... 

Make-Up & Hair by ME..!!

This is the 'before' shot...

Everyone knows my favourite thing is make-up.... but this time I took a shot at doing up her hair too..

 Please remember that this is my little attempt at hair..... so don't expect much here... :P

 Somehow I kinda like it a lot!

Engagement Day

The 'before' shot....

Again, daytime events I like to keep everything natural...

I also felt she did not need too much makeup... 

I'll grab the professional shots off the photographer once they're done...hehehe...

Tunang in Orange

This is the 'before' shot....

Since this was a daytime engagement even I gave her more of a natural, light looking makeup.  

 I never thought of wearing orange for an engagement but I did love this colour on her...I thought she wore it well..  ;)

Awards Night

The before shot...

This makeup was for an office dinner event also. 

Added a bit of glitter... 
The thing is, we were happy with the makeup but after she left I then had another idea which I now wished I had done on her...I feel I should have gone more dramatic on her.... *sigh* next time..

Fisha in Green

This is the before shot...

Finally decided to give her green eyeshadow with a bit of blue in it too... I love it. This makeup was for her photoshoot ...will upload the final shots soon ;)

 I even love these lashes.... overall really happy with this makeup session.

Hello Lucy..!

This is a Facebook friend of mine...hehehe... funny how you can meet someone you've never met before but know them once you do meet and feel you've known them for a while all because you're connected through Facebook and Instagram. 

This is makeup I did for her office dinner event. She insisted on wearing red problem! I can do red lipstick.... 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Personal Make-Up Class

This is the 'before' shot.

This is a light daytime look which is nice for work. She is a nurse who does do long hours in the hospital and so I do recommend not overloading the makeup.

She looks great!

All of my make-up students do their make-up themselves after watching the demonstration that I do on my own face during the class. I feel it's the most effective way to show exactly how it's done.

Personal Make-Up Class

Yes, we haven't organised a make-up class in a very long time. But a few weeks ago I was asked teach personal make-up and how could I refuse..??!?
This is the 'before' shot.

And here she is after our almost 3 hour class.

She mostly her own makeup. During classes I like to get the ladies to use their own makeup so that they can re-create the look again at home using the new application techniques that they've learnt during the lesson.

I think this is a fresh everyday make-up look for work.

She said she never gave much thought to wearing eyeshadow but in the end I think managed to convince her that she would look great in it especially after this lesson.